Be Responsive…

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Top web design considerations for your existing or new company website

Every business owner today understands the importance of having a professional website. Besides serving as a pivotal brand marketing channel for your company, your website is essentially the “face” of your brand, as seen by your prospects online. Whether you’re getting a redesign or having a brand new website built, here are the essential things to keep in mind:

Web responsiveness

Today, 85% of all web browsing activity happens on mobile phones. If your website is not responsive, customers accessing your site via mobile may abandon you for a competitor’s. Given the many options available to them, there’s simply no excuse not to offer an optimized mobile experience.

Design and engagement

Is your website eye-catching enough to capture and hold a user’s attention? Many web users today have little patience for a poorly-designed website that makes it difficult to find the solution they are looking for. Your goal, therefore, is to make it as easy as possible for them to understand and accept the solution you are offering. For an engaging experience, your website will also need good content to go with the presentation. And to maximize conversion, an effective call-to-action should be clearly visible on all your pages.

For these reasons, it is important that you choose a web design agency that understands the principles of brand design, marketing, engagement and conversion.

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